Unseen Westeros: Port of Ibben

I created this piece for the Unseen Westeros exhibition in Berlin this January. Order the art book and prints here:


The Port of Ibben is a location in the book 'Beyond Westeros', which was the inspiration behind the exhibit:

"The Port of Ibben is the main city on Ib and is the largest city of Ibben. It is located on the southern coast of Ib.
The city is grey and gloomy and has ruled over Ib and the lesser isles since the Dawn Age. It is a city of cobbled alleys, steep hills, and teeming docks and shipyards, lit by whale-oil lamps suspended on iron chains. The main structure in the city are the ruins of the God-King's castle. Beyond the Port of Ibben foreigners are only allowed with an Ibbenese host."

Matt conway ibben large


Matt conway ibben detail 01

Detail 1

Matt conway ibben detail 02

Detail 2

Matt conway ibben detail 04

Detail 3